Bioaqua Exquisite & Delicate Cushion BB Cream (Ready Stock)
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100% Authetic Product From BIOAQUA with  quality assurance product
Formulated in Korea.


01 Natural Skin
02 Ivory Skin
03 Light Skin

No more worrying about your makeup
1. Soft concealer for a uniform complexion. Delicate tiny particles uniformly brightens the complexion and adapt themselves to the skin's texture.
2. Lightweight breathable natural makeup. A variety of botanicals nourish the skin give the skin a natural look and allow it to breathe.
3. Isolate the contamination without fear of harm. Blocks the contamination from the environment, radiation, ultraviolet radiation, dirty particles.
4. Moisturizing refreshing comfort. You can do the makeup but also moisturize and nourish the skin helping it to look more natural.
Fresh feeling and natural makeup.
Moisture. Beauty modification. Oil control. Concealer.
Immaculate Naked Makeup BB Cream
Create a flawless beautiful skin. Skin care and makeup base in one motion.
Fine-pored sponge, the particles of the powder with air are easily combined with each other to create dense and light makeup.

A great concealer for natural makeup that covers skin imperfections. Leaves skin hydrated, soft and shiny.
Hiding flaws. Tight particles smooth uneven skin tone, hide blemishes, make the skin texture flawless.
Light skin. Texture evenly and obediently apply, doesn’t blocks the skin and allows it to breathe.
Soft and breathable. Good plasticity, fine texture of the cream adheres to the skin, moisturizes it.

Method of use
1. Clean the face to do basic care;
2. Use the puff to take appropriate amount of this product, gently apply the powder on the skin;
3. According of the makeup needs may be re-applied

Convenient refill
1. Pull hands from the bottom up to the top, and easily remove
2. Pull and pull out to replace the device
3. A new powder can be installed with just one touch


15g+15g /pack

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